Pressing the Pause Button – Mid-Year (and possibly Mid-Life)

As we enter the month of July (hard to believe how fast this year is going!), I wanted to share a few perspectives which have impacted my life, especially in the past few years. These are particularly relevant for those of us over a certain age, who may need a reboot or even a re-direction in their life and/or career.  Yet, they are also salient for anyone seeking self-improvement.

There are 9 non-related action steps and perspectives that may offer food for thought. They are meant to be provocative in their ‘call to action’ for each of us.  Some may hit home, some may not. Yet, I am hopeful they will stir something inside you and catapult the 2nd half of the year and possibly even your life.

Click below to listen to this short podcast (15 or so minutes). And I welcome your perspectives, questions, and insights! Thank you, in advance, for listening.