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The One Word Most People Loathe

Recently, a few of my clients have hit a proverbial ‘road bump’ in their careers. Mergers are happening. Consolidation of departments is happening. The mass resignation is happening. And alongside these changes come opportunities for promotion, shifts in position, changes in reporting structures, etc. And the one word…. that most ‘type A’ ambitious, focused, and […]

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What does Age have to do with it?

Recently I have been coaching a few leaders and executives who feel the best years of their life have passed them by. They lament to me that they are not where they thought they would be or where they want to be at this stage in their lives. We know intellectually that nothing is stagnate, and yet often we get stuck. We get riddled in our own stories of where we think we ‘should be’ or where we think others think we ‘should be’.

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Funerals and Doing the Right Thing

A few years ago I offered a similar article, and due to multiple client requests, I am reposting it. In this day and age, we are constantly being tested and challenged with every decision and judgment call. Doing the right thing is often the first casualty. When do we “go to the funeral,” even though the person we are honoring will never even know we are there?

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Another Top Ten List for Success!

Bull & Bear Essentials offers an excellent list of top ten tips for success in life. These tips were consolidated from a series of interviews which Barbara Walters conducted with four billionaires. Those who have heard me speak over the past few years and/or read my blogs will recognize some familiar themes. I have highlighted those which resonate with a few key points from my recently published book, “Is This Seat Taken?”

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“Moneyball” and Business

A recent article in Forbes draws a relevant correlation between the recent movie on baseball and business. In a nutshell: what truly matters to the endeavor of baseball, and how can we measure what truly matters in business?

The article is worth reading, as we begin our 2011 recap and 2012 business planning and strategic discussions. Two key takeaways for me:

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