A New Chapter for Alignment™

THANK YOU to so many of you for taking part in my marketing research a few months ago. Your input was very informative and valuable, and I sincerely appreciate the time you took answering my questions.

After interviewing and surveying several dozen executives like yourself, and garnering information of what is needed (and desired) from various perspectives, my new offerings have come to fruition. I am eager to share with you the culmination of this effort, given your insights fed into this outcome.

As a cornerstone, my business, Alignment™ focuses on just that: Alignment. Alignment within the individual leader, alignment of teams, alignment of cross-functional teams, and ultimately alignment of the overall organization. This is a leadership concept fine-tuned over the past 16+ years, through my own autobiographical experience, as well as thousands of client interactions, client needs, and client requests.

Now, this overarching concept, which has been trademarked, custom-developed, refined, and applied to individual and business clients over the years, now has a foundational framework. My offerings will always have a custom approach, as I believe as much as we are ‘alike’ we are also ‘unique’. However, my new programs – collectively trademarked as Alignment at Work™ – will be anchored with proven methodologies for ongoing replication and scalability.

These programs will be delivered in a hybrid manner – online, on-demand AND integrated with individual real-time sessions with me. There will be five distinct programs in the initial Alignment at Work™ offering. These programs will augment my other consulting and coaching service offerings, so that individuals, teams, and organizations who wish to initially engage in pre-defined programs will have that option.

The collective and consistent feedback received from my research highlighted various areas of need. These gaps, which are present in the workplace today, informed the Alignment at Work™ programs.

With that as the background, the Alignment at Work™ programs will offer hybrid offerings initially focused on the following areas:

1. Individual leadership and alignment – tapping into the individual’s unique strengths and talents and aligning these to his/her career. The first course “Fast Track to Alignment – Inner Alignment to Outer Strength” has already been launched with much success. To learn more about the 12 week program, click on this link to see a high level overview of the program offering
2. Women in Leadership – targeted for emerging and established female leaders. Transformative programs focused on enhancing leadership skills and professional influence.
3. Brand alignment – targeted for any professional who desires to be ‘known’ in their field. Focus on how to create and sustain a consistent and powerful reputation (brand) through all aspects (real-time, in-company, cross-industry, digitally, etc.).
4. Team alignment – targeted for groups who must come together to execute and deliver – supporting a common vision and mission. These groups could be board of directors, senior leadership teams, sales teams, etc.
5. Cross-team alignment – targeted for cross-functional teams who may have incongruent goals and objectives, yet are tied to a common vision and mission. Examples may be: sales and marketing, engineering and product marketing, sales and service delivery, etc.

Again, I want to thank you for your insights as I build out this next chapter of Alignment™.

And please know, that it would be my pleasure to support you and/or your teams/organizations going forward. As these offerings are rolled out, I will keep you in the loop.

My best to you as we enter the 2nd half of 2021. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me.