Urgency through a Finite Timeline

Over the past few months, I have lost several dear family friends. Some, one may consider, in an 'expected timeline', and others prematurely - frankly, in the prime of their lives.

Not that I needed another nudge (because as most of you know, I have faced my own mortality more than once); however, it seems the frequency and prevalence of these transitions have been a 'two by four' to my head about LIFE....and the finiteness of our time on this planet. We have a sacred responsibility to live the best life we can....in the time we have.

So, this morning, without script or rehearsal, I recorded this podcast. It is real, authentic, and pointed. Never have I felt such a compelling urge to share these thoughts. And, if I have learned one thing in life: listen to the whispers in your heart, mind, and soul. They simply never lie.

It is a short 9 minutes, and I hope these unfiltered thoughts will give you the proverbial B12 you may need to carpe diem.