7 Ways to LEAD through Crisis (and a gift from me to you)

Never have we ever experienced anything like this in our lifetimes.

We are in a crisis. We did not choose it. We did not cause it. Yet….it is the hand we’ve been dealt.

Leading with our ‘tried and true’ methods may not be the best course in today’s climate. Our traditional ‘playbook’ may not fit right now. So how can we lead through this crisis?

In times of stress, challenge, conflict, and crisis – our VALUES and PRINCIPLES take center stage. Most often, we revert to our core beliefs. Thus, times like this bring out the best AND the worst in people…and in leaders.

Situations like this allow a person and a leader’s true colors to show.

….those who are generous…are even more so.

….those who rise up to the occasion…do so even with more vigor.

….those who are supportive…do so even if they are not sure about their own situation.

….those who are thoughtful….seek to reach out to others every day.

….those who strive to better themselves are using this time to dig deep.

Yet, we ALWAYS have the power of choice. It is 100% up to us.

So, what are the ‘7 things’?

Well…..here they are:

  1. Realize we ONLY control our response to this situation. My dad used to tell me – we only control 3 things in life: our ABC’s. Our attitude, our behavior, and our choices. Harsh reality – yet, true.
  2. We have to make the hard calls.…with the best information we have at the time. Make them…and keep moving forward.
  3. We have to prioritize – all things. Pay the bills that need to be paid. Support the ‘urgent and important’. Not everything will ‘get done’ during this time…..so focus on the foundational critical success factors.
  4. Cast a VISION for a FUTURE STATE. This too will pass…..and we want to be ahead of the game when this crisis is over. The future state gives us HOPE.
  5. Realize this can be OUR TIME. Our time to show our children how to meet a challenge. Our time to lead and leverage creative approaches to life and business. AND our time to RESET our PRIORITIES and assess our life (and business) direction. Leaders emerge in times like this.
  6. Community is EVERYTHING. We need to SERVE our clients, our customers, our colleagues and partners.
  7. We must be KIND to each other and to ourselves. There is not a single person that does not need a reassuring word, a ‘you got this’ look (over Zoom, of course!), an unexpected call or note. It is our sacred responsibility to support each other – in thought, word, and deed.

So….how we respond is up to us……will we choose to…..

Give or gripe.
Meditate or be mad.
Victim or victor.
Resolve or reinvention.
Resignation or resourcefulness.
Learn or lament.

NOW…..to my GIFT to anyone who has been following me, who is reading this blog, and who needs or wants this….

I am not a healthcare worker, a nurse, a scientist….yet, I am a business person. I can give and support in this way. Most organizations are trying to stay centered, calm, and focused. I want to help. I want to give ANY leader who may need a thought partner, a sounding board, a listening ear, or caring counsel – my services to support you through this time. My services will be given via PHONE or ZOOM, up to 4 hours for any one leader, as my complimentary gift to you.

Please reach out to me directly, if these services would be of interest to you. It would be my privilege to support you and your team.

One thing I know for sure…we are 100% in this together – as a global community. None of us are being left unscathed. None of us. Yet, I also believe – as my momma always taught us – ‘this too will pass’ and ‘you, and you alone, own how you are going to respond.’.

Not easy….yet doable. We get to choose.

Stay safe and well.