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7 Ways to LEAD through Crisis (and a gift from me to you)

Never have we ever experienced anything like this in our lifetimes. We are in a crisis. We did not choose it. We did not cause it. Yet….it is the hand we’ve been dealt. Leading with our ‘tried and true’ methods may not be the best course in today’s climate. Our traditional ‘playbook’ may not fit […]

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7 Easy Tips to an Awesome Life Free of Stress

As we come back from the long Fourth of July holiday, the lovely, lazy summer days will seem far away when the stresses of every day work life pile up on us again. We have all been there; when there just aren’t enough hours in a day. When office politics threaten our sense of security and ability to maintain our self worth. When internal and external competition can erode our sense of accomplishment and contribution. I get it. After all, this is ‘earth school’ and we all live with these challenges.

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Am I Out of Control?! Maybe Just a Little? 3 Tips to Take Back the Reins

Ever felt a bit out of control of your time, your day…your life?! In two and half words – who hasn’t?! This past month, many of my clients have been juggling with their over crowded lives with sending kids to summer camp, graduations, weddings, mid-year results, and keeping all their plates spinning. How do we stay balanced, together, and aligned with how and where we want to spend our time?

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