What did you say about Alignment, Inc. in 2012?

Thank you to our clients for taking the time to share your feedback with us at Alignment, Inc. As promised, we will be posting all this information to our website for those who are interested in the details. We appreciate your candor and your suggestions for ongoing growth and improvement. If you have additional feedback for us, please simply post your comments to this blog; we review each and every suggestion and take this feedback very seriously and have redirected our business accordingly.

Through your suggestions and encouragement in 2011, we followed your directions and increased our writing contributions through numerous online publications, enlarged our keynote speaking offerings, group coaching offerings, and increased our leadership assessment and facilitation capabilities. Please trust your input in 2012 will be integrated into our ongoing growth and expansion in 2013, as well. The high-level results follow:

You/your company chose Alignment, Inc. based primarily on (singular response allowed):

  • Subject matter expertise, knowledge, and capability – 47%
  • Coaching and consulting approach – 40%
  • Referral – 36%

The most critical needs for which you hired Alignment, Inc. (top five reasons):

  • Leadership development and alignment
  • Lack of alignment in our culture and/or strategic direction
  • Lack of team and/or organizational effectiveness
  • Motivational and compelling speaker
  • Need for objective perspective, insight, guidance

The three most valuable outcomes from your partnership with Alignment, Inc. were:

  • Greater self awareness and movement toward ‘alignment’
  • Established synergy within the team and greater organizational alignment
  • Relevant and motivational speaker with compelling message for our audience

In order for Alignment, Inc. to provide more comprehensive and effective services, you want in the future (top two responses):

  • A 2nd book focused on mid-life shifts in life and career direction – 47%
  • Weekend workshops and retreats on alignment with bundled ongoing coaching/consulting – 47%

You measure ROI from your work with Alignment, Inc. by (top 2 responses, singular responses allowed):

  • Clarity and alignment with direction (individual and group)
  • Exceeded expectation of contracted service

Using these chosen metrics, the average ROI from the work completed with Alignment, Inc. is (majority of responses):

  • Over 150% ROI

Again, we thank you for your input and perspectives. We will continue to focus on growth in our service offerings, capabilities, and commitment to contribute in the most effective way for our clients. Stay tuned for our next book to be released later this year!!