1 Word and 6 Resources to Make 2013 a Great Year!

During the last few weeks of the year, most of us invariably plan on how we can make 2013 the best year ever. A few years ago, I wrote a piece about “one word resolutions” – which I still believe is one of the most succinct and powerful ways to produce change and focus.

For example, a person (or company’s) one word could be “healthy” – which could be applied to healthy business expansion, healthy lifestyle, and healthy attitudes about people, conditions, or professional aspirations. Regardless, the “one word” forces us to stay focused and not lose the overall plot when life as we know it consumes us. Start there.

This year, I thought it may also be helpful to introduce my followers to a few incredible resources which may give you, your colleagues, and your team the support you need as we embark on 2013. My personal “one word” for 2013 is Healthy – so this is the frame by which I have approached this article. These resources will be of value to ANYONE who is pursuing a better self or team in 2013. They address physical and spiritual well-being. as well as professional relevance. What we ingest into our bodies will invariably show up on our bodies, our faces, and in our lives. Often, this is the first thing to fall off. It often takes a village to keep us on point and disciplined in taking care of ourselves. I also offer a resource which has helped me immensely to help grow my business and professional platform – which you may also find helpful.

1. No single experience has transformed me more fully than the team at Beyond Studios. Brandi and her incredibly supportive team of non-judgmental, talented, and super-fit trainers give encouragement far beyond Pilates, spin or Bounce classes. They meet you where you are and take you beyond. Never judging and always giving the B-12 shot we often need. If you are interested in changing your body, your outlook, and your energy level – you need go no further than Beyond Studios. My favorite, as most of you know, are the Pilates classes. Not a lay-down – you sweat buckets; yet certainly doable, and you feel amazing when you leave.

2. For pure, freshly squeezed juice, check out Roots Juices which are pressed DAILY and delivered to your door. The health benefits are undeniable – and for those of you needing a bit of the ‘hair of the dog’ after a late night of New Years celebration – reach for one of these instead.

3. For incredible supplements which have been highly recommended to augment a naturally balanced lifestyle – check out Juice Plus. The simplicity is amazing, and as I grow older and manage the stress of being an entrepreneur, I know this will benefit me. Just reach out to Tammy – she will guide you and help you determine what is right for you. The testimonials have been mind-boggling.

4. Do you want to experience the best skin of your life? Literally and actually, would you like to take off years of sun damage, wrinkles, and just the worn out look we get from years of air travel and dehydration? Check out this amazing skin care line – you will NOT BELIEVE the results until you see and experience them yourself. I believe in this so much, that I am now a consultant for Rodan + Fields Dermatologists. It is an extension of my Alignment, Inc. business – as I believe how a person feels about themselves physically is a vital part of becoming fully aligned. There is a 100% money-back guarantee…which is equally astounding.

5. Have you felt stressed out in 2012, are encouraged yet perhaps a bit tentative about 2013? It is amazing what a short 10-15 minutes of daily meditation can do for your perspective and peace of mind. It actually lowered my blood pressure, which experienced a little spike in mid-2012 due to stress. Susan Piver led a writing workshop I attended a few years ago when completing my first book. She also offers daily, short online meditation sessions – which are a terrific way to introduce meditation into your daily practice. Her approach is often humorous and light; yet always authentic and real. Her following is growing exponentially – check it out to appreciate why. Her approach encourages an open heart and sets us on a path of wisdom and love. And, her writing (you can find on Amazon, B&N, etc.) is introspective, beautiful, and thought-provoking.

6. Michael Hyatt writes a blog which is chock full of business resources and helpful hints for entrepreneurs as well as corporate leaders. His last entry of 2012 referenced building your online presence, platform and brand; and making it relevant so that is will stand out in an increasingly crowded field. He is worth checking out – at least for this entry, if not as a new subscriber.

I hope these 6 resources will help you as much as they have helped me and Alignment, Inc  in 2012!

If you have additional resources and suggestions for our community – please share in the comment section! Blessings to each of you for a fulfilling and prosperous new year! Thank you for your ongoing support, interest, and input!