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9 Non-Negotiable Leadership Traits

Recently, I have been working with a number of individuals new to leadership. It has been fascinating to watch the behaviors they believe demonstrate leadership. It is alarming and unsettling – and their teams are equally curious about how they should respond to their approaches. Though there have been thousands of articles, books, and blogs […]

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4 Lessons from an Octogenarian

I am quite certain there are many more than just 4 lessons we can all learn from those who have lived over 80 years. Recently, my mother had to undergo a hip replacement, and though she has not sailed through the experience, she continues to teach through her actions how to embrace and meet challenges head on. These 4 lessons are applicable to each of us – every day – with the routine challenges in life

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The Easy Button

Recently, one of my clients in a desperate attempt to remedy one of his ‘blind spots’ simply said: “Can you just give me a book to read so that I can get over this?”

How many times do we find ourselves seeking an ‘easy button’ to navigate through gnarly growing pains?! Darn it – if there were only an easy button to help us on our ‘self-improvement’ journey as leaders! Well, there isn’t.

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1 Word and 6 Resources to Make 2013 a Great Year!

During the last few weeks of the year, most of us invariably plan on how we can make 2013 the best year ever. A few years ago, I wrote a piece about “one word resolutions” – which I still believe is one of the most succinct and powerful ways to produce change and focus. This year, I thought it may also be helpful to introduce my followers to a few incredible resources which may give you, your colleagues, and your team the support you need as we embark on 2013.

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