Three Simple Thoughts on which to End 2012

Given the tragedies of recent days from Hurricane Sandy to New Town, there are so many families facing unimaginable loss and permanent changes in their lives. I sought universal truths to give us hope and comfort. As we begin to wrap things up at the office and prepare for the holidays, I wanted to offer 3 simple thoughts for us to consider.

1. Love is the glue that binds us.  I believe the sole self-awakening antidote to hopelessness is love. Love is the great unifier of humanity. During times of hardship and loss, love can be the light illuminating our way.

2. Forgiveness is hard, yet necessary for peace. We have all been wronged, and we have most certainly done wrong to others – either inadvertently or deliberately. This is the ‘human condition’. Yet, what I believe fervently is without forgiveness of others (and ourselves), we will always hold strife in our hearts. I have never faced the catastrophic loss of the parents in New Town; and cannot imagine how painful and seemingly impossible it will be to forgive. Yet, I do believe it is the elixir to true inner peace.

3. Prayer matters. Prayers as simple as “help” and “thank you” in a silent voice to a Higher Power is all that is needed. It matters. Enough said.

Blessings to each of you and your families for a safe, restful, and peaceful holiday season.