5 Thoughts that Literally CHANGED my LIFE 18 Months ago

2023 is half over. Hard to believe and I don’t know about you – it is scary how fast life is speeding by.  And, I take that pretty seriously.

Most of my clients are very focused on contributing at their highest levels. And yet, often we get tripped up – for various reasons. I know this personally and I had to look the tiger in the eye several months ago. This podcast is super vulnerable. I will share 5 thoughts that literally have changed my life – and I hope they may give you food for thought, as well.

This podcast is unscripted (which is my norm)- straight from the heart – as I want this to be like I am talking with you face to face, one on one. I hope you will glean insights that will catapult the rest of your year.

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Other sources for information referenced:
As A Man Thinketh by James Allen
Is This Seat Taken? book series by Kristin Kaufman
(All can be found on Amazon)