Curating your Career – and Next Chapter

Many of my clients and followers are entering their 2nd (and in some cases 3rd) chapter in their lives and careers. There is certainty AND there is ambiguity.

Where to contribute? What to do? With whom to do it? How to craft the next position? How will I know for sure?

Some have plenty of financial resources, so money is not the driver. Others still need to work to continue building their nest egg. Some are driven by recognition – their egos are demanding it. Others have no need for public admiration or acknowledgment, they are content to serve anonymously.

Everyone is different.

And let’s face it, the world is equally rich in ambiguity. Looming recession. Economic instability. Geo-political strife. It is a daunting environment in which we find ourselves these days.

So my clients continuously ask me: ‘what should I do?’ ‘How will I know the ‘next best step’?’ ‘If this is the new normal, how do I make the most of this time in my life?’

Well, there is no one single magic answer. Yet, there are steps we can all take to effectively chart our next chapter and successfully ‘curate’ our careers. I work diligently with my clients as they navigate big jobs, the growth of large companies/organizations, and the accomplishment of 7+figure financial successes. Here are just a few to consider as we close out summer and embark on the last quarter of the year:

  • Write your own Personal Manifesto. What I mean by this – is what you want your life to look like. What do you really want? What do you stand for? How do you wish to contribute? What legacy do you want to leave? What do you value? This becomes your ‘north star’ and then all the other ‘baby questions’ can fall into place. If you are interested in getting my free handout on how to write your manifesto, simply email me, and I will send it directly to you. This approach has transformed many of my client’s lives and careers. You will be amazed at the clarity you will experience, once you begin this process.
  • Determine the ‘golden threads’ which weave through every aspect of your life and career. I have never met a client who does not have a few consistent ‘threads’ of interest and talent. This could be ‘selling’, ‘writing’, ‘creating’….and a myriad of other gifts. They may manifest differently – yet the ‘thread’ is the same. Those threads inform what we love, where we thrive, and where we are strong. We need and want to identify and lean into these – as they are our ‘groove’ and where we will be at our best.
  • Embrace uncertainty and exercise courage. The realities of life right now are a universal truth for everyone. No one is immune to the current situation. Global warming, Economic recession, Increased competition. Questionable ethics on a global scale. Worldwide discord from Ukraine to China. Yet, we can only control how we respond to this uncertainty; and the operative word is courage. We must pursue the things we want to pursue – even if we are ‘scared’ while we are doing it. What I believe fervently is this: if we don’t change, nothing changes. So, if we have a desire to pursue a new career, a new role, build a new company, launch a new product, write a book, downsize or upsize our homes, move abroad, etc., etc. – even if we are afraid of what might happen – leaning in with the powerful combination of courage anchored in faith – will provide the momentum we need to take the first step. And action feeds motivation and momentum.
  • Get comfortable with life’s big questions. As we mature, we have the choice of viewing things at a 50,000-foot level and seeing how all the pieces of our lives fit together. The questions will remain (as we never have all the answers). And, as James Hollis has stated: “Our lives find their purpose – not in the answers but in living large questions that are worthy of our soul’s magnitude.”   In my third book, I dive deep into these questions and actually provide a guide at the end of the book which leads the reader through these questions and how they inform your career and life choices. Getting comfortable with questions is where the marrow is. So, don’t shy away from the questions – embrace them with hungry curiosity.

As summer comes to an end, and we enter Q4 of 2022, my personal goal is to revisit my current career (and life) path, how I am showing up and contributing, and tweak my trajectory so that I am living my very best life going forward. My challenge is for each of us to take a breath, look into the mirror, and do the same.

Finally, over the past 7 months of 2022, I have been offering free webinars which cover salient questions and approaches feeding into the quest for Alignment. They have been very well received and widely attended. If you are curious, my next webinar will be on August 24th (click here to register). I will be covering the 3 words which completely and utterly transformed my life and career. Would love for you to join us!