Can we really be ‘Multi-Biz’ people?

So, recently, I had someone ask me why I had ‘so many balls in the air’? And she went onto say…..’you had a very successful career in the corporate world…why in the world are you working so hard now? And in so many different directions’?

Of course, my answer was ‘why not‘?!!

Yet,  I want to address this antiquated ’40 years and a gold watch’ perspective head on.

  1. We were BUILT to be more than one dimensional. We are not destined to be or ‘do’ just one thing. If that was ever a societal reality….it is most certainly obsolete thinking now.  Just look around….let’s take the ‘Hollywood set’ as an example. Brad Pitt…, director, social activist, community builder. Drew Barrymore….actress, director, cosmetic line creator/owner. Gwyneth Paltrow….actress, creator of Goop, cookbook author, etc. These three are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are hundreds of thousands who embrace the same approach.

2. The negative stigma of having more than one business is just silly.  Many people are afraid of letting folks know about all their side projects for fear of being judged as ‘not committed’ to the perceived ‘traditional’ or ‘main’ job. As if to say: ‘you cannot possibly be successful in more than one way’. Well, let’s look that tiger in the eye: most millionaires have between 7 and 10 revenue streams. And, from what I have read, Warren Buffet has close to 40. If the current situation we find ourselves has not  taught us anything but this: the need to having more than one income stream is critical. And I  am not just talking about investment income….as we have all seen what has been happening to the stock market over  the past few months. Sure…it will come back. Yet, it’s not dependable income right now.

3. You get to choose. The fact is, I’ve always loved having my toe dipped into multiple pools. Always. Having multiple businesses, being a corporate executive, keynote speaker, author, entrepreneur, coach, consultant, and community   volunteer – suits me. And no…..that does NOT mean I am not committed to my ‘main gig’. In fact, all these businesses build on each other. Ideas, approaches, lessons….they each compliment each other. And YES… can be successful – UBER SUCCESSFUL – in more than one way…..more than one business….more than one ‘to contribute the ALL of you’ to the world. And no, they don’t have to be even in the same ‘industry’…there is beauty and power in diversification. Mine happen to have a common denominator which is the glue that ties them all together…AND they are all anchored to something much much greater than myself.

That is part of my definition of alignment.

So, now that I got that off my chest…I want to encourage ANYONE reading this….if you have LOTS of passion, LOTS of interests, LOTS of ways in which you want to contribute – then GO FOR IT. Time is marching on  – and we only get one life to build the life we want to life. Join me as an constantly evolving ‘work in progress’…..from my perspective….the ONLY way to live!

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You get the idea.

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Let’s grow and learn together. We are undoubtedly each others’ best teachers and students.