We will get through this…..

Never in my lifetime (including 9/11/01 when I was actually in route to New York City on the VERY first day of my new job as an executive at a software company), has life turned so totally upside down so quickly. It is as if the ‘earth truly is moving beneath our feet’. The one ever-present consolation, is that we are most definitely in this together.

I have a few thoughts and a GIFT I want to send to each of you – in hopes that it will provide encouragement and a GIANT collective B12 shot!  There are things we can do to support and boost ourselves and each other. And these suggestions are not limited to the COVID 19 situation – they are practices we can do every day from now on…and I sincerely believe they will better our lives and others’ lives going forward. Below are 6 ‘high level’ thoughts……and if you are interested in me sending you a thought provoking gift – simply COMMENT below or send me an email: kristinkaufman@alignmentinc.com.

  1. I actually believe this is OUR TIME. It is our time to teach our children how to ‘rise up’ in the face of challenge. It is OUR TIME to reach deep to leverage other creative approaches relative to the work we do (think ZOOM, SKYPE, online marketing, etc.). It is OUR TIME to reset our priorities and assess our life direction. The list is long….yet, this can be OUR TIME to make the most of this situation. As my Daddy always taught me – we control NOTHING but our ABC’s…our attitudes, our beliefs, and our choices….net: we control our RESPONSE to this situation.
  2. Pray and meditate every single day. It will most definitely change our mindsets and raise our consciousness. And, I for one, believe that could be a beautiful by-product of this scary, life-altering experience.
  3. Ditch drama and a victim mentality. Those approaches never ever serve anyone. They, in fact, can hurt our physical and mental health. We need to shift our mindset and ask: “What could this situation change in our world….that the world (or myself) might have needed anyway?” “What am I to be learning from this experience?” “What can I teach through my response to this situation?”
  4. Support your local small business and entrepreneur. These businesses represent a huge part of our economy – not to mention our lives. The neighborhood bistro, the small boutique, the business or executive consultant…..all these entities need our patronage.
  5. Fear is either a catalyst or a paralyzer. I, for one, choose catalyst! This experience spurs me on to continue to build more than one revenue stream, to learn new skills, to explore new options….and TO GET ON WITH IT. Move forward with a positive, confident posture. We WILL not only survive…we WILL be even better than before.
  6. Be kind. Let me say that again: BE KIND. It is amazing what happens to our energy when we reach out to others….with no expectation. There is not a single person that does not need a reassuring word, a ‘you got this’ look, an unexpected call for business. It is our sacred responsibility to support one another – in thought, word, and deed.

Want to make the best use of this time? Wonder how to optimize our time being ‘sequestered at home’? I have 37 creative ideas which I want to share with you – as my gift. Simply comment below or email me at kristinkaufman@alignmentinc.com and I will send it right to you!!