Leading Through Enthusiatic Participation

Over the past several months, I have lead numerous leadership development workshops for my corporate clients. We have discussed many different aspects of how to effectively lead through building and implementing strategically aligned plans, unifying our boards, leadership and sales teams, embracing and leading through transformational change, and how we as leaders need to stay centered and aligned to set powerful examples. It has been incredibly rewarding. We all learned from one another and shared insightful experiences around the topic of leadership.

One topic which we touched on repeatedly was how to inspire and truly enlist our employees, team members and stakeholders to our common vision and mission. Passion, clarity of purpose, authenticity, unwavering conviction, enthusiasm and individual alignment were all included on the list of critical elements to getting the team fully engaged and unified.

This weekend I stumbled across a video which had me grinning from ear to ear due to the raw, uninhibited enthusiasm demonstrated  – and how this FUN participation was contagious and what happened from there. It is a perfect example to show the contagious power of enthusiastic participation.

As we start off this new week, watch this short video to bring a smile to your face and to remind us that enthusiastic participation can be a most powerful way for us to lead. It may even be hard not to break into song when you watch this!!

What could happen with our teams and organizations if we instilled the same untethered enthusiastic participation in what we do every day? Please let me know your thoughts!