Clarity the Key to Delegation

I have had numerous clients voice frustration with tasks, once delegated, not being completed on time, with the quality in which they expected, or the person to whom they have delegated takes the assignment, with an ‘attitude,’ so to speak. Each of these situations has led to irritation, lack of the deliverable being ready ‘on time,’ and ultimately a ‘wedge’ is being driven between co-workers.  What can we do?

Two thoughts:

  1. Many of us communicate in the manner which is most familiar to us. If we are the creative sort – we may communicate in vague, broad brushes – trying to keep our options open. If we are the analytical type, we may be more specific, with a ‘head-approach’ to our rational, versus a ‘gut’ approach. This is where the disconnects often occur. Intentions may be good, yet the execution derails due to simple lack of understanding. A suggestion: simply meet people where THEY are. We need to communicate in the manner which they will understand. This may require us changing our styles to adapt to how they can best grasp, understand, relate, and implement what we need. So be it! Being clear and communicating what we need in the manner which they will understand will improve the odds of getting what we need, when we need it.
  2. When in doubt, simply try having the person to whom you have delegated repeat back your request. This can help both of you; as you may want to expand on the idea or improve upon it. It is a very simple step, and one that can help foster teamwork, improve clarity, and actually enhance the overall deliverable.

In a nutshell: clarity is the key. Clarity is the essence and root of all efficiencies. The more clear we can be on the actual expectation, time line, possible obstacles which may need to be faced, etc. the more deliberate and effective everyone’s efforts can be.

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