Ask for Help!

Recently one of my clients was struggling to stay above the fray. You know what I mean: when there is SO much to get done that it begins to swarm around us and we don’t know what to do first! So, what often ends up happening is we start several items on our list, trying to get on top of them, only to not finish any of them. Before you know it, we end up staring into space, frustrated, and often are snippy and short with others. We bark out orders, voice irritation to other team members when deadlines are missed, and ultimately create a chaotic frenzy in our offices. Two tips to keep in mind:

1. Breathe. When we are running around in a panic, figuratively or literally, we can’t think straight. We need to slow down. Think through what are the 2 or 3 key things which need to get done first. Then, compartmentalize these into areas of focus. Just by simply slowing down and breathing, we can stop the frenetic energy.

2. Delegate. Many of us wait to delegate until we are basically underwater and drowning. Why wait?  Once we have our list of things to accomplish, what can be parceled out to other team members or contract workers? Set clear expectations when these tasks need to be accomplished. Keep communication lines open so everyone is aware of the progress. And most importantly, remember that our lack of organization and/or appropriate time management is our issue – not our team member’s. So, set expectations fairly for time lines and remember to thank anyone who is helping you. Just because they are being paid to do a job, does not mean we are not grateful for their efforts.

Remember: “It takes a village.” We never get anywhere alone. Ever. Thank those that extend a hand – they deserve it.