Back to the grind stone

Welcome back from what I hope was a fabulous Thanksgiving Holiday!

As we come to the close of 2010, it can be a time to reflect and learn from very successful CEO’s singled out in 2010 for their excellence in leading their troops! This article written by Cheryl Hall from the Dallas Morning News earlier in November offered wisdom from Kip Tindell, CEO of The Container Store, Inc., Tait Cruse, managing partner of Northwestern Mutual Financial Group, and Dan Basso, CEO of Systemware, among other CEO’s in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. They were asked a few key questions relative to their leadership, what they would do over, and what key failures they saw and learned from their bosses over the years. Compelling interviews – and worth a read. A few key paraphrased tidbits with which to start our week:

  • Communicate authentically and often – especially in terrifying times. When employees understand what is going on – they will hold hands with you and support a common direction.” Kip Tindell
  • Consistency in words and actions – unwavering in commitment to the growth of the individual and the overall organization. This passion and enthusiasm is contagious.” Tait Cruse
  • “People want to feel their lives have some sort of meaning. ‘There has to be some sort of reason why I am here, laboring away.’ It is not something we spend  a lot of time talking about – it is simply embedded in the way we operate our business.” Dan Brasso

Words from which to learn and benefit! Have a great week!