How do we want to be remembered?

Ok – that may be somewhat of a morbid question; yet, it can also be quite empowering!

Recently, I ran across a fascinating article in Spirituality and Health, which offers the results from a survey they conducted in answer to the question – How do we want to be remembered? There were 17 ‘top life values’ for which the respondants were to rank as to how they wanted to be remembered. The top six were:

  • Being a good friend – this was the top choice of both men and women
  • Being a good parent  – not surprising
  • Care of  family – this was measured not just for taking care of children, yet your parents, and extended family as well
  • Helping others  – offering a helping hand
  • Faithfulness  – to one’s beliefs and values
  • Love of God – this even trumped love of fellow man and woman

Career success and making lots of money fell to the bottom of the list: less than 1% in fact wanted to be remembered for this. Not surprising to me at all – is it to you?

Weigh in. How do you want to be remembered?