What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

I LOVE The Actor’s Studio shown on BRAVO and other cable stations notable by the many reputable actors who participate, and my personal favorite, James Lipton, the scholar, actor, and incredible interviewer of these legends.

There are 10 questions he would ask at the end of every interview; and it was always my favorite part and often the most telling. I will be launching a subscription service in 2011, and one portion of it will be interviews with subject matter experts around the topic of  “Alignment” and how it plays into their world. There will be similar questions in my interview series, which I hope you will find enlightening and entertaining!

So – I want to open one of these questions to the readers of  “The Fine Line“. Yes, I know most of you do not like to answer on line, only to me personally. I would love to encourage you to ‘take the plunge’! Please answer on the blog post- this is how we will learn and grow and HAVE FUN as a community! This will be the first of several and we will have such fun learning from each other!!

First question: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Ok – I will take the first plunge, publicly (in 2010):  “I want to be an author of more than one book. My intention is to write a message which will impact others long after I am gone.”

Now, your turn.