For and With

One word can make all the difference. Have you ever had someone introduce you with the phrase: “He works for me?” How does it make you feel? Smaller? Subordinate? As if you are their pawn?

Then think about a time when someone introduced you with: “He works with me.”  How does that make you feel? On a peer level? A team member? On equal footing?

The point is this: it is actually irrelevant if you work for someone, let’s face it, we all work for someone! Whether this be an actual boss, a client or a customer, we all are working in service for and to another. Yet, by simply changing the word ‘with versus for’ when referring to those on our team, alters the dynamic from subordinate to one that communicates an equal footing, teamwork and trust. From my own personal experience, I know which dynamic fosters loyalty and generous contribution. Do you?