Cool Advice for Teens

I ran across an article from several years ago which had some great advice geared toward teens and college graduates applying for new positions. However, I believe a few of these nuggets are appropriate for many, regardless of age.

Donald Trump, CEO of Trump organizations: “Learn all you can. Try to view your job comprehensively, as if it were your own business. ‘What kind of employee would I like to have?’ Then, be that employee.”

Susan Story, then CEO of Gulf Power: “Never limit yourself. Look beyond what needs to be done or should be done. Then do it. Stretch. Go beyond what others expect.”

Herman Cain, CEO of The New Voice: “Don’t be so picky. Experience is cumulative.”

Andrew Cosslet, then CEO Intercontinental Hotels Group: “Tackle offbeat jobs. Challenge conventional wisdom within reason. Come into contact with people from all walks of life.”

Edward Nusbaum, then CEO of Grant Thorton: “Listen to what customers want.”

Joe Moglia, then CEO of Ameritrade: “You may not have the job you are most passionate about initially. That comes later. Bring your best to the table every day. Learn professional responsibility and how to handle difficult situations.

Hearing and reading great advice is just one step of the journey. Now, integrating it and owning it are the next steps!