Your First 60 Seconds – Fame or Fail?

The infamous elevator pitch may be one of the most important messages a person masters.  Polishing your pitch may be one of the most effective ways to secure a job, a new client, new supporters for your cause, and the list is endless. Four easy tips to continue to make your first 60 seconds memorable and impactful:

  1. Make it meaningful. Who are you, what do you do, and why do you (or your organization) do it better? Make it relevant to the person. How are you different? Offer a story to illustrate your message. If you combine a visual picture with your words, it highly increases the amount of time people will remember it.
  2. Keep it simple. Let’s face it – 60 seconds is 60 seconds. Punch the content with simple facts – not complex processes, responsibilities, and qualities. What have been your results? What are the ‘3 things’ you want them to think about you when you leave?
  3. Rehearse. It may sound silly, yet, write down your key points to cement them in your mind. Practice in your mind AND outloud. (it sounds differently when spoken outloud!). Ask yourself if this is truly ‘you.’ Is this an authentic representation of me? If you don’t  think it is… it isn’t, and everyone can spot a fraud. Be honest.
  4. Loosen up! Be yourself. Be real. If you are stiff, that is not an attractive quality, regardless how polished you may believe you are. Be likable. People hire, buy from, and want to work with folks whom they enjoy.

Now, go for it! New job, new client, new donor, new promotion – the sky is the limit.