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Is feedback really a gift?

In today’s world most everyone has engaged in 360 feedback processes, bi-directional feedback, and opinion surveys of one sort or another in order to gauge leadership strengths, 360-degree job performance, what’s working/what’s not working, and overall customer satisfaction. Companies put employees (and often their alliance partners, channel partners, and even their customers) through this rigor […]

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Do we treat our people as if they are our greatest asset?

Why is it that if the people ‘on the company bus’ are a company’s most important asset, they are not treated as such? For years, I have been taught through many leadership courses, business books, etc. that a company’s greatest asset is their ‘human capital.’ In fact, as early as 1982 when Tom Peters released, In Search […]

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The Myth of the Pied Piper: The realities of leading in today’s corporation and staying true to your values

We are all familiar with “The Pied Piper of Hamelin.” Remember – the folk tale written by the Brothers Grimm. It tells about the disaster in the town of Hamelin, Germany, back in the late 1200’s. In that year a man came to Hamelin claiming to be a rat-catcher. The people of Hamelin promised him […]

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