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Having to always be “right” will ultimately prove “wrong”

No one likes a know-it-all. Yet, the world is full of folks who simply love to espouse their wisdom, opinions, and judgments trying to add value, show their smarts, pound their chests, exercise their control, cover their real insecurities (or just classic CYA), and in some cases just belittle the other person to make themselves […]

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Weathering the Storm – how to stay aligned in turbulent times

Over the past few weeks the number of people who have lost their jobs, filed bankruptcy, had their homes foreclosed upon, dipped severely into their retirement nest egg, etc. has grown to epidemic proportions. I have met with a least a dozen individuals and clients who are simply at a loss as to ‘what to […]

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Is feedback really a gift?

In today’s world most everyone has engaged in 360 feedback processes, bi-directional feedback, and opinion surveys of one sort or another in order to gauge leadership strengths, 360-degree job performance, what’s working/what’s not working, and overall customer satisfaction. Companies put employees (and often their alliance partners, channel partners, and even their customers) through this rigor […]

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