Keynote Speaker

Engaging Motivating Relatable Inspiring

Keynote Speaker

Engaging Motivating Relatable Inspiring

“[Kristin Kaufman] is a gifted extemporaneous speaker who brings street credibility to the podium. And speaking of podiums, that’s not her style. Kristin moves about the room engaging her audience in conversation rather than speaking to them!”

As a keynote speaker, it is my goal to reach my audience on a personal level, bringing to life my passion and conviction. I use my viewpoint on Alignment to inspire and challenge individuals, teams and organizations to feel, think and act differently to achieve their personal and professional aspirations.

I firmly believe that it is more impactful to engage with your audience, instead of just lecturing to them. It is important to be relatable, and I try to do that by bringing my passion, energy, wit, and southern charm to each event. I deliver rich content that is humorous, engaging, inspiring and structured around each client’s areas of focus and interest.

The primary content is structured around my perspective of alignment.

  • How does being aligned instill power?
  • How can we become more aligned and authentic as leaders?
  • How can this translate into competitive differentiation in the world today?

This strategic viewpoint of alignment will challenge the mind, and inspire individuals, teams and organizations to feel, think, and act differently.

Interviews with Amanda Salinas of Good Day Austin on KTBC Fox 7
Interviews with Amanda Salinas of Good Day Austin on KTBC Fox 7

Featured Keynote Topics

The most successful leaders are congruent and fully aligned within themselves, to their organization, and ultimately to the customers and markets they serve. When this is multiplied throughout an organization - the power is undeniable. Through an engaging and thought-provoking presentation, Kristin Kaufman gives valuable insight on the power of alignment – both individually and collectively, providing:

  1. Key questions to guide alignment around common vision and strategies,
  2. Benchmarks about the power of alignment in leadership and in organizations,
  3. Additional resources to leverage greater alignment for ourselves and our company.

The net result of alignment is sustainable transformation that equates to ongoing overall personal and professional success.

Authenticity is the strength behind leaders who leave legacies built from their true self and not who they or others think they should be. Their confidence provides the fortitude for them to lead, inspire and transform those around them. They succeed in building cohesive teams and gaining stakeholder support by sharing vulnerabilities and fears alongside strengths. Authenticity requires getting to know who we are, embracing who we are, and living who we are out loud. In this presentation, Kristin Kaufman will dive into the qualities that make an authentic leader, how we can gauge our own level of authenticity and how to integrate it into our lives and careers.

This talk will address: ‘What is resiliency?’      

  • Gaining a common understanding about resiliency
  • What are the elements of resilience?
  • Where is resiliency found? 

What are the common characteristics of resilient individuals?

  • What are the key attributes of a “Resilient Self”?
  • Reflection Exercise
  • Actions –The Resilient Self

       What are the common characteristics of resilient leaders?

  • What are the key attributes of a “Resilient Leader”?
  • Reflection Exercise
  • Actions –The Resilient Self

What are the common characteristics of resilient organizations?

  • What are the characteristics of “Resilient Organizations”?
  • Reflection Exercise
  • Actions –The Resilient Self

From whom and what can you learn to become more resilient?

Where do you go from here?

This talk addresses what ‘is’ a personal brand, and I offer 7 tips on how to build the brand you want. The discussion will explore executive presence – what it is and what it isn’t. We also explore how to create meaningful mentors, and how to network effectively. Finally, we address the overused word and concept of ‘authenticity’ and how to truly embrace your authentic self so that becomes ‘what you are known for’.

Successful professionals must master the ability to have difficult conversations. Feedback, constructive advice, terminating employees, etc.  – no one is exempt from these conversations. Learning approaches and skills on how to have these discussions AND how to avoid toxic communication patterns is vital for any leader. This talk pulls the curtain back on how to navigate these situations and how to optimize the conversations.

Successful companies are often defined by the level of collaboration within their workforce – across organizations units, divisions, departments, product lines, geographies, and teams. In a collaborative workforce, people and teams are eager to solicit input and share creative thinking and diverse perspectives. Further, information and resources are easily accessible and used collectively. Collaboration leads to greater results within the organization - not only effective innovation and operations, but also increased sales, improved margins, and efficient use of assets. In this presentation, Kristin Kaufman gives guidance on how organizations can build collaborative teams, how individuals can better collaborate with others – all based on real results from companies that have realized the bottom-line return on effective collaboration.

If you think incidental meetings are incidental – think again. No matter how much we plan as executives, leaders and individuals, the random encounter opens unforeseen opportunities. Lessons and perspectives on leadership, alignment and the power found in the present moment are discussed and made real through actual stories from Kristin’s widely acclaimed book. Kristin’s book, endorsed by notable leadership gurus such as Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, and Noel Tichy, will come alive on stage and have your audience thinking about their everyday moments from a different perspective. Whether the audience is a group of powerhouse executives, Type A sales professionals, or individuals needing a bit of inspiration, Kristin’s content will ring true to the soul in each of us.

This book and keynote are designed for those individuals who have come to a fork in the road, chosen a path, and found themselves twenty to thirty (or more) years later in a destination they didn't quite recognize. The stories are relevant for anyone, at any age, at any station in life who has awakened and wondered what they are going to do next or how will they move forward. The examples offer hope, inspiration, and applicable lessons as derived from the lives of well known, and not-so-famous men and women who found new and unexpected success - by many definitions - late in life. The message will light a spark - whether you are twenty-five or sixty-five - to take back the reins of your life and become clear on exactly what you are going to do now and how you wish to contribute to the world. The music has not stopped, and there is still time to find your seat.

This book is the last in the trilogy in the Is This Seat Taken? ® series. This book and associated keynote share a collection of stories which focus on diverse individuals and experiences who have served as Kristin’s teachers. These experiences vary from the beautiful and the empowering, to the side-splitting humorous, to the crushing and difficult. Yet, the common aspect is that they Providentially have taught Kristin lessons, which she vulnerably and authentically shares with her audience. This talk is a compilation of the entire book series focusing on being present in the moment, being awake to learn from all experiences in our lives, and how all these stories factor into our individual quest toward alignment – professionally and personally. The book, and her keynote, wrap up with a few suggestions – which are highlighted in the thought and activity guide at the end of the book – for each person to take the reins of their lives.