11 Thoughts for February

We are well on our way to a brand new year. It is hard to believe we beginning month #2 in the year 2022.
I believe when we declare things to ourselves (and others)….they become real. Here are 11 thoughts that I am declaring and embracing  – perhaps they may stir something in you, as well.


  • ✔️I am 100% responsible for pursuing my potential as a human being.
  • Change is inevitable and fosters growth.
  •  Being authentic is the cornerstone for integrity in life and business.
  • Alignment is the elixir for fulfillment, powerful contribution, and powerful peace.
  •  Introspection and Centering Prayer is renewable energy for me.
  •  Surrounding myself with diverse people (cognitively) fosters my highest and best self.
  •  A person’s character is the complete sum of what he/she thinks.
  •  The soul attracts what it secretly harbors.
  •  Circumstances do not make the person, the person is revealed.
  •   The more tranquil a person becomes, the greater the success, influence, and power for good. The calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom.
  •   Nothing is more urgent or important than giving THANKS and showing gratitude.
This new year is a clean slate! We have the opportunity to build and create whatever we want! I believe we are most surely better together. I have had a coach for the past 16+ years…..coaches for career direction, business growth, wellness, fitness……yes, for just about every area in my life. The way I look at it – if an Olympic medalist needs a coach – what makes me think I don’t?!
  • So  – if you have big goals and aspirations for this year, and would like to have a partner in your quest, I would love to lock arms with you!
Two easy options:
  • Secondly, I launched a 12-week hybrid program last year (online, video, downloadable materials, and one/one time with me) – that has been very well received. If you are curious about learning more, simply click here for an overview.
Let’s make 2022 THE Breakout year for ourselves, our teams, our businesses!!