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How to ‘Hook ‘Em’…..Tips to Capture Someone’s Attention and CLOSE them….

As an entrepreneur, one has to master the art of capturing attention, holding it, and closing it. This is not always easy – especially in a crowded market. Today’s podcast focuses on 4 tips on how to do this effectively AND the key questions to ask and answer to make this happen! Short, succinct, and […]

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3 STEPS to Halt the Great Resignation from YOUR Company

It is impossible to go into any restaurant, retail store, hospital, or other Corporate and even Non-Profit entity and not experience a shortage of staff. It is palpable. Recently, I was in Hot Springs, Arkansas for the Arkansas Derby where we had a fabulous time (and yes, we WON!!). Yet, the shortage of staff was unbelievable. […]

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One Career Fact Often Swept Under the Rug

Here’s the skinny: there is always – always –  a ‘list’. The ‘list’ from which decisions are made for opportunities, promotions, new projects, visible ‘task forces’…..you name it. There is always a list. The truth of the matter is this: rarely – if ever – are we present when life-changing career decisions are made for […]

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