The Underestimated Leader

Seldom in my generation have we seen leadership like this.  It resembles leadership which was tested and proven in World War II. It mirrors the solidarity immediately following 9/11/01.

Strong. Undeterred. Singularly focused.

It inspires. It humbles. It ignites.

Our world teeters on a precipice.

We should not be confused. Yet, many are. Many are hiding behind veils of fear.

Yet, this oft under-estimated leader is keeping his courageous message clear and simple. He is keeping the ‘main thing’ the main thing.

If for some reason you have been living under a rock and are not sure who I reference…. I am speaking about Ukrainian President Zelenskyy.

The conviction in which he delivered this message has captured the hearts and minds of the entire world.

What can we learn and emulate? A few basic yet all-empowering traits:

  • Leaders remain human and an integral part of the fabric of whatever and whomever they are leading. They are not ‘elevated’. They are not ‘ivory tower spokespeople’. They ‘chop wood and carry water’ just like every other person.


  • Leaders are courageous in the face of fear. I loved President’s Zelenskyy’s quote: “You will see our faces not our backs”. He is personally leading the defense. His wife is standing tall with him. And I quote, after being offered asylum in the United States or Canada: “I need ammo not a ride”. That is leadership in ACTION.


  • Leadership is not a ‘photo op’ or a lot of empty words from a safe podium in a safe place. It is becoming ONE with the people. Showing the way by DOING it.


  • Leaders communicate early, often, candidly, and without false posture. His communication is direct, and heart felt. There is no sugar coating. By doing so, he has not only rallied the Ukranian people, but he has also rallied virtually every country and their citizens around the world to protest this horrific invasion of a peaceful nation.


  • Leadership can be revealed from uncommon sources. Like steel, it becomes stronger when put under intense fire and pressure. Leadership can be most powerful when unsuspected.


Our world needs leaders. This leader…. Volodymyr Zelenskyy….and his family…. set the bar.

Courageous, bold, convicted, passionate, unwavering role models.

Prayers for him and his family and all the brave men, women, and children facing unspeakable tragedy and injustice.