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A Word about Mentoring

A number of my clients are working alongside mentors. Some of these mentors have been chosen by the leader. With others, the mentors have singled out the leader as a high-potential individual with whom they want to partner; and still others have been assigned a mentor through a formalized mentoring program sponsored within their organization. Often I am asked, how do I make the most of this relationship?

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Staying Aligned in the Online Challenge

Many of us struggle with how to truly optimize our social media presence. The game continues to change, and it is hard to know where, when and how to post strong, compelling information to support our professional presence. Whether we are entrepreneurs, corporate executives or individuals in transition, the question continually comes up: how do I make my online presence and brand relevant and aligned to who I am, what I want, and what I want others to think, say or do when they run across information on me?

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What Did You Have to Say About Alignment, Inc. in 2011?

To be in greatest service to our clients, we must listen and heed to their needs and wants. Thus, we want to thank our clients who participated in our annual Alignment, Inc. client satisfaction feedback survey. Your feedback is valued and will factor into our approach and ongoing services this year. In the spirit of transparency, we want to share the high-level results with each of you. We welcome additional feedback by simply commenting to this post.

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Feedback – From Where Does the Most Impactful Come?

Recently I was asked by an organizational client to solicit feedback on several of their key leaders, as part of their leadership development effort for these individuals. The question was raised: “What do you think has more impact on developing our leaders: peer feedback, manager feedback, or employee feedback?”

In today’s post, I briefly discuss my thoughts.

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The Art of Being Inclusive

Whether you are the CEO, a product manager, a team leader, or an individual contributor, I have found the most successful individuals are those that actively and sincerely solicit input, help and ideas from others in their organizations. Now, this is not the proverbial “obligated ask” – I am referring to those individuals that seek out and get additional heads and hands on board with their initiatives.

This takes time, effort, patience and a true desire to BUILD A TEAM from all levels of the organization. Many attempt to do this, perhaps because they have been told they “need to.” However, the leaders who master the art of true inclusiveness will build a network which will become a tremendous asset in their careers if done with purity of intention. A few tips:

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