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Where has all the Trust gone?

I can assure you, each person reading this has most certainly experienced a broken relationship due to the break down of trust. This breakdown could be in the form of a spouse cheating on them or a colleague using information (which you developed or found) as if it were their own with no accreditation to you. It could be someone outright stealing a concept from a keynote or workshop, and using it as if it were their own. Or it could be a so-called friend or colleague saying one thing to your face and calling you a ‘friend’ only to have them back-stabbing you with unflattering commentary or falsehoods behind your back. Let’s face it, trust is so integral to our relationships that we often take it for granted; yet in an era marked by business scandals and a desire for accountability – we clearly need to nurture trust in our professional and personal lives. Where in the world has all the trust gone? And what do we do about it?

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What can we learn from SalesForce.com’s CEO?

Recently I ran across an article touting Marc Benioff’s top leadership secrets in Forbes, which offered incredibly insightful perspectives. I have tried to highlight a few bullets, in my words, from the article referenced above. I have actually watched Marc, his team, and his culture in admiration for years. Their holistic approach to their work and the way in which they contribute has been studied with equal measures of skepticism, reverance, and disdain.

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