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4 Ways to Learn, Grow, and Protect Ourselves from Toxic People

I venture to say, that there are few people in the world who have not been exposed or perhaps even victimized, by toxic people. These individuals may be wolves in sheep’s clothing, or ‘devout spiritual followers’ sitting in pious judgment supposedly supported by their religion, or passive aggressive individuals with deep demons which manifest in […]

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The Power of Choice – 3 Decisions to Challenge Your Life Now

As I wrote about in my 2nd book, “Is This Seat Taken? It’s Never Too Late to Find the Right Seat”, there is no question that each of us always have the power of choice. Many may think they do not – that things are ‘out of their control’, and yes, that may be true for many things: the economy, the political environment, the weather, social security, and even healthcare. However, how we respond, is 100% up to us.

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