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Is there 1 Most Important Quality?

Recently I was having dinner with two very dear and special friends at my favorite Dallas neighborhood bistro, Parigi. As always, we launched into an open, authentic and passionate conversation. We were bantering about how strong personal and business relationships thrive and survive, in an increasingly turbulent, competitive and stressful world. We were wondering…is there 1 quality that makes the difference?

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Wisdom from the Iron Lady

This past weekend we watched the acclaimed performance of Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady, the movie depicting Margaret Thatcher’s life. As most of you probably know, the movie is a series of flashbacks from the Prime Minister’ life and her impact on history. Her life story is remarkable on many levels. I took away four quotations from the movie, which I believe to be applicable to each of our lives today, and wanted to share with my readers.

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Now Hiring: Prior Waiters and Waitresses

We can learn something from everyone – of this I am certain. Many of you know how diligently I follow the New York Times column, “The Corner Office”. Recently, Amy Astley, editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue, was his executive interview. Her philosophy is interesting and current. What are folks looking for from today’s workforce and budding executive ranks?

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Funerals and Doing the Right Thing

A few years ago I offered a similar article, and due to multiple client requests, I am reposting it. In this day and age, we are constantly being tested and challenged with every decision and judgment call. Doing the right thing is often the first casualty. When do we “go to the funeral,” even though the person we are honoring will never even know we are there?

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Another Top Ten List for Success!

Bull & Bear Essentials offers an excellent list of top ten tips for success in life. These tips were consolidated from a series of interviews which Barbara Walters conducted with four billionaires. Those who have heard me speak over the past few years and/or read my blogs will recognize some familiar themes. I have highlighted those which resonate with a few key points from my recently published book, “Is This Seat Taken?”

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Little Roy and Big Fred – Customer Service on Steroids

While recently visiting my parents, I had the opportunity to witness the utmost of customer service in action. What frightened me is how surprised I was – when did expecting stellar service go by the wayside?

The simplest of exchanges resulted in a raving fan and delighted customer. It is amazing what happens when an individual LOVES what he/she does and is committed to being the BEST in the service he/she provides. What so many of us could learn from this example! If this is the standard approach of a Sears delivery team, this could perhaps be a turnaround in the making.

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