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Canvas Rebel Highlights Kristin Kaufman and Her View on LEGACY

We were so honored and humbled to be featured in this month’s publication of Canvas Rebel. It was particularly providential given the topic was on a person’s legacy. Kristin is writing her fourth book revolving around personal and professional legacy. You may click on this link to take you to the article.

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Industry Era Features Kristin – Top Industry Leaders 2022

  Greatly honored to be on the cover of this industry periodical Such an affirming recognition of doing what I love to do. The full interview is here: #alignment #alignmentmatters #isthisseattaken #leadershipcoahcing #leadershipdevelopment #leadershipconsulting #compassionateleadership

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WP Minds Features Kristin and Her Perspective on Executive Coaching

Recently, WP Minds, an online consultancy company, requested insights from Kristin as to what exactly IS ‘executive coaching’ and ‘why do executives need coaching’. Given the rapid growth of executive coaching, as an industry, the market has become clouded as to what true executive coaching IS and what distinguishes coaches who offer these services.  Kristin […]

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