Behaviors of Leaders in Victory Tells All

Leaders can be somewhat hard to find these days. I know I have been surprised, hurt, and even dumbfounded by certain leader’s behaviors of late.  Whether this is on a global, national, local, business, or even personal platform, we ALL have the opportunity to LEAD by example. This particular article (  is very short yet powerful. It touched me, perhaps because I have been so disappointed by leaders – in all aspects of our lives these days  – and I wanted to share this rock solid example. We all need inspiration these days, which is why I am posting this short blog (ahead of schedule).

One excerpt from the article is below.

“In a time in which strong examples of leadership are harder to come by, it’s worth taking note of what both of these leaders, not just star athletes, remind us good leadership means. Three things stand out. First, there is no single mountaintop achievement we climb and declare final victory over. The journey is ongoing, perpetual. Second, in the heat of the battle to succeed, even in the moment of conquest, it’s a bigger view, beyond yourself, that allows you to keep delivering excellence ongoing. And third, but perhaps most important, both champions made clear that no victory is solo undertaking or accomplishment. We need our teams, even our competitors, and most of all each other, to succeed.”

Yes, being generous in spirit, inclusive (team oriented) and welcoming of ALL people on your team and in your organization is so important. And, of course, as long as we are on this planet – ALIGNMENT (by my definition) is all about tying our quests to something much greater than ourselves.