4 Ways to Know 'If The Time is Right'

Have you ever met someone or some opportunity 'happens' across your path.... and in fact.... you are 'interested' yet something holds you back?

Have you ever really wanted to move forward with an opportunity - yet are just not 'sure' the timing is right?

Have you ever thought that it is 'too late' to create the life you want?

Well.....I have answered YES to every single one of these questions....and it got me thinking....'how will we KNOW when (if) the timing is right?  How will we know if it is 'real' and 'now is the time'?'

This podcast is a short 5-6 minutes with my perspective on how our intuition (our GUT) will not steer us wrong..and that the only responsibility we have is to stay present - awake - and OPEN to what is introduced to us.

Take a listen....then weigh in! Eager to hear your thoughts!


My best,


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