Renew and Replace

These past few weeks as many have celebrated Easter or Passover, I have heard several speakers and pastors, and read numerous articles on ‘beginning again’. This time of year is indeed the time of renewal, reconciliation, and ongoing transformation.

Frankly, 2013 has been a strange year so far. Many have experienced more hiccups, more steps backward than forward, and more unforeseen challenges than expected. Me, included. So, yes, I welcome spring as a time for renewal and ongoing transformation in how I build my businesses, become more accomplished in my profession, how I continue to write my second (and third) book, and continue the challenge of staying fit and healthy as I enter…dare I say it?…middle age.

It is amazing how hungry each of us can get for B12 shots of encouragement, reinforcement, and energy – that is one constant I observe among my executive clients.

So, as we enter the spring season, what are 2 simple B12 shots we can take with us as we continue our growth as professionals and human beings?

1. Our thoughts most certainly will become things. However we fill our minds directly translates into how we feel and ultimately how we behave. I know this and believe this – yet, often it becomes difficult to ‘change the radio channel’ we have playing over and over in our minds. I believe, however, if we can change our thoughts – we can (and do) ultimately change the outcomes. It is amazing to hear the self-talk we often say to ourselves: “I can’t”, “I shouldn’t”, “It won’t work”, “I knew this would happen to me”, etc.  – which invariably results in exactly that outcome. We all have said these things to ourselves at one time or another. I know I have!

The challenge for each of us is to observe when this happens and to stop it. Whew – not an easy task – especially when we feel the tides of reality continuing to bring wave after wave of challenge to us. Yet, how else are we going to become strong swimmers? So, the charge is for each of us, starting today, is to consciously REPLACE the “I’ll try” to “I will”, the “I can’t” to “I can”. I truly believe the results will be much more positive and we certainly empower ourselves to meet the challenges head on.

2. What we resist, will persist. This quote I believe is attributed to Carl Jung – and it is most certainly true. I have found that the only way I can truly change a bad habit – or something that I am resisting – is the REPLACE it with something else. When I obsess about something I want to change – it actually becomes bigger and seemingly more difficult to overcome. Yet, when I focus on where I want to be (the future state) versus what I want to change (the current reality) – something amazing happens. Imagine rather than deciding what we don’t want to do, we decide what we do want to do. For example, rather than saying: “I am not going to go into more debt”, saying: “I am going to save ‘x’ amount of money this month”. Or, “I am not going to gain any more weight” to “I am going to lose 2 lbs by Sunday.” There is something magic about the affirmative that empowers us. We replace the ‘icky bit’ with something strong and positive.

So, as we welcome spring and all the beauty of new growth and nature, let’s also welcome for ourselves a new beginning. A fresh start. Let’s grab the trapeze with both hands and swing forward!!!

I would love to hear from you as to your thoughts on new beginnings, fresh starts, and how to stay focused on what we want in this new year! We are all in this together – so please offer your wisdom to us!!