Who will Inherit the Future?

I don’t recall the origin of this question, as I stumbled upon it in my journal this weekend without any reference. It obviously stuck with me and is still gnawing for an answer. Who will inherit the future?

As corporate leaders, non-profit stewards, teachers, and parents of our next generations, is this question even relevant? After all, what real, tangible impact do we have on the future and who actually will inherit it? I have a few thoughts, and also welcome your thoughts, opinions, and points of view:

  • It is the student and learner of today who will inherit the future we are putting into motion today.
  • It is the individual who follows their bliss and has the courage to stand tall with shoulders back against challenging winds and waves – living their life on purpose with purpose. That makes his/her future authentic and real to them AND they hold their values and principals as their sole compass.
  • It is the person that hangs up the notion that he/she is what they do, what they own, and what others think of them and focuses on how they contribute and serve others.

These are my three thoughts relative to this quandary; which begs other soul-searching questions. After all, if we are the parents, the leaders, and the thought leaders…What are we teaching? What example are we setting? What standards are we putting into place? What are we tolerating? What are we encouraging from our employees, our students, our children? What are we sacrificing and for the sake of what?

Please weigh in…we want to hear from you.