Staying the Course

Many of my clients are running and enduring their own business
marathons. Some are considering a change of career. Others are
navigating challenging and often disillusioning job hunts. A few are
managing politically challenging projects. Several face often what
appear to be insurmountable sales quotas in this recessionary period.
No one has the corner on the market for difficult situations and what
my folks would call their ‘sack of rocks.’  What can we do?

Simply put, when facing challenges such as these; we have 2 basic
options: we can choose to cave. (Which not a single client of mine has
even considered.) Or, we can decide to keep moving forward.

Realizing most choose to move forward, the question then becomes how
to keep our chins up, our energy positive, and our momentum high when
the obstacles are so steep and tough. There are many approaches,
motivational books, and inspirational role models which can help
us stay the course and keep moving forward. Certainly we can use
whatever tools and muses needed to help us when we face hard times.

Yet, from my perspective, the most powerful action we can take to help us ‘stay the course’ is to simply decide and declare that we will do just that – move forward. Deciding
unequivocally and declaring to ourselves that we will do something
to meet our challenges is the most empowering and energizing action we
can take. By making this choice to ‘stay the course’  and saying it out
loud to ourselves and others, we put ourselves into motion on every

There is nothing more empowering than choice and owning that declaration within ourselves and to others.