Being Late – Not an Option

I have recently been amazed at how prevalent ‘being late’ has become. As professionals, and simply polite individuals, being perpetually late is simply not an option. The rational goes beyond the fact that being late is just plain being rude to the other party. There are 3 very salient additional reasons why being late is simply not an option:

  • It implies to the person waiting that your time is more valuable than theirs. Newsflash: it isn’t. When trying to ‘win friends and influence people’, not to mention just keeping satisfied clients, this is insulting and disrespectful. Sure, everyone runs late once in a while, yet, making being late an expectation of your behavior, does not serve you, your reputation, or your brand. Being perpetually late is not funny, nor is it something for which you want to be known. It is not in service to you. Period.
  • It implies you don’t know how to manage your time or schedule your day. Sure, you may be competent in your profession, yet, nothing reeks of over-extension or inability to handle the magnitude and scope of your current role than being rushed, late, or harried. Plan ahead. Build a pad of extra time into your day, when you think an appointment, meeting or activity may take additional time. And, if you are finished early – great! This will allow you a few precious minutes to collect yourself and stay centered in the present moment. What a gift!
  • Oh, and relative to the argument that being ‘fashionably late’ or just ‘late’ simply implies that you are very busy and thus, in high demand, are excuses that don’t hold water. Everyone is busy. Lets get back to the old adage: treat others the way you would want to be treated.

Sure everyone is late now and then – yet, for those who make this a habit: Stop it. It is not in service to anyone – least of all, yourself.