Early Spring Cleaning

A few of my clients were talking about how they used their ‘shut-in’
time due to the bad weather to do some early spring cleaning. Their
enthusiasm was motivating and caused me to come up with some tips to
help us all.

  • Pick one drawer a week to organize. This means the junk drawer, the
    kitchen utensil drawer or the sock drawer. It will take less time to
    clean it up than it does to find the ‘lost item’ we look for regularly!
    And it may be amazing what you will find!
  • Set aside 30 minutes a day to organize and de-clutter one area in
    your office, kitchen, room, closet, etc. By cleaning in spurts, we are
    able to get it done without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Be brutally honest with yourself. Pitch client files which are over
    2-3 years old; when/if they come back we will get what we need from
    those clients at that time.
  • Pull out any clothing item you have not worn in over a year and
    consider giving it to Goodwill or other needy groups. If you’ve lost a
    lot of weight and are not sure it will stay off, by removing those
    larger clothing items, you’re accepting the new you.
  • Consider hiring a professional to help! Often it can become
    overwhelming trying to organize our electronic files, hard-copy files,
    historical files, and personal files. There are pros that do this for a
    living. It may be well worth the hourly fee to have them come, give
    their perspective, and help make the hard calls to get rid of the stuff
    for which we have an illogical, nostalgic connection.

Give it a try. It is amazing the energy boost you will feel by
simply organizing even one small corner of your office! Let’s face it,
we have at least another 6 weeks of winter, we need to wring out all
the energy we can!