The Rejuvenation of Rest

When the Dallas/Fort Worth ice (the snow) storm forced many of us into seclusion (as well as many others in neighboring states). We were literally strapped to our houses, computers in our laps with cell phones as our only life lines.  Funny thing though, a lot of stuff was accomplished.

You know, the things that are always put on the back burner until ‘there is extra time’ in our day to get it done. Drawers were cleaned out,  2010 tax information collected, overdue correspondence sent, etc.

However, most importantly, I had many clients tell me how they were able to sleep extra each morning. Then, they shared how this little extra shut-eye had improved their ability to get things done. They focused better, had more vigor and clarity even in the mid-afternoon hours when so many feel a lull in energy.

What could be gained if we were a little kinder to ourselves without being ‘forced’ to do so? Just think about how much better you feel after this week.

I’m just as bad. I am one of those that is up at 5am for a 6am Pilate’s class most days; and I am a writing machine most weeks, in addition to serving my clients in many capacities. Yet, what I learned from this past week is that setting boundaries, in whatever form these may take, is key to our health – mentally and physically.

  • We need to rest. Turn off the phone.
  • We need to cut ourselves some slack on what we would like  to have done versus what MUST get done.

There is a difference; and I for one believe we can often produce more effective work when we are rested and rejuvenated.