Insight from an Unlikely Source

I found myself reading an article about Queen Latifah a few weeks ago. Frankly, I have not followed her career; though by anyone’s standards she has certainly made her mark on almost every medium: award-winning rapper, singer, Oscar-nominated actress, producer, author of two books, and the creator and driving force behind her own business of cosmetics. So, I was interested in the bits of wisdom she was offering in this article (definitely worth a read). A few which particularly resonated with me are paraphrased below.

  • Family values + Hustle = Success

I share this perspective with her. There is no shortchanging the values you bring to the table; and from my experience the combination of values, ethics, and hard work always – always – will bring success to life.

  • Pay attention, ask questions, and admit when you are over your head.

This especially applies when we are entering new and unfamiliar waters. The adage ‘we don’t know what we don’t know’ has never been truer. So, don’t be afraid to admit what you don’t know – and ASK.

  • In crisis there is opportunity.

Queen was specifically referring to building a foundation for her business and new productions while the economy has been in a slump. Many of you have read in my prior blogs similar perspectives.  When we are in crisis or in a slump, we can be very creative and often our greatest ideas come from that place. “Necessity if the mother of invention” so to speak.

Wise words from a power house in her field!