2011 – Day 3

It is hump day in the first week of 2011 and we are back at the grindstone. Stress is near. Challenges are ever-present. Pressures are building.  Some of us may have already broken the resolutions we made just 5 days ago. We may be lamenting – why did I bother?  We may be thinking – some things never change.

How can we stay motivated? How do we get beyond ourselves and our own limiting beliefs? How do we get ahead of our issues?

I believe firmly in this quote from Einstein: “We will not solve the problems of the world from the level of thinking we were when we created them.”

Equally, we will not solve our own challenges, overcome our hurdles, and achieve our most insurmountable obstacles by continuing to think and behave the way we have always thought and behaved. We must test and stretch our own thinking. We must dig deep. We must push, pull, sweat, cheer, and encourage.

Our thoughts absolutely will become things. We will create our reality – today, this week, and this year.  Let’s change our thoughts. Lets embrace our purist intentions for our lives, breathe deeply, and lean into a new and exciting direction for our lives.

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