Holiday Blues

It is hard to believe the holidays are upon us! They are! As I ran errands this weekend, I couldn’t help but notice folks with less than chipper smiles on their faces. Frankly, I was probably one of them! Who knows why; there are a myriad of reasons which may be causing folks to feel a little blue this year. Money worries. Loss of loved ones. Lack of clear direction for their lives as they end the year. Rejection from friends. Even the loss of a pet. It doesn’t matter the reason.

The point is this: we are all in this together. We may not realize it or even want to believe it. Regardless, that is the truth.

So, as we start this new week, be aware of those around us that may be having a less than fabulous year- much less a holiday season.

Smile at them first. Offer an unexpected hand. Open the door for them. Give them the basket you were getting at the grocery. And yes, let them into the line of traffic when no one else will.

Some will be grateful. Others will not know what to say or do and may even appear offended. Do it anyway. We are the real beneficiaries.