Virtues of the Self-Employed

As many know and experience in today’s economy, being self-employed is growing increasingly difficult. However, it is critical that we realize when it comes to the economy, the self-employed contribute a huge proportion. In fact, it is estimated that there are 23 million self-employed businesses in the United States, which represent 80% of the small businesses; and these businesses contribute over a trillion dollars to our nation’s economy each year. It is not a myth when we say our nation has been built on the backs of the self-employed small business owner.

Interestingly, despite the vulnerability of these businesses, business start-ups reached their highest levels in over 14 years in 2009. Sure, many may be laid-off workers choosing to become their own boss versus putting their destiny back into the hands of an unstable and unpredictable business environment. Regardless of how they find themselves in this position, these entrepreneurs are the catalysts for growth, innovation, and exemplary customer service. They realize their survival and future relies upon it – and we are the beneficiaries!
So, the purpose of this blog is to shine a complimentary and bright light on these brave individuals. We need to support our local shop owners, and independent business owners. Our nation’s economic health is directly tied to our individual and collective actions.