Humility is Strength

A client of mine called my attention to a marvelous article in last week’s Dallas Morning News business section. The article was highlighting Clayton M. Christensen, Harvard Business School professor, and his set of guidelines which have helped him find meaning and success in life. The article is worth reading, as the wisdom is not the status quo.

One key point was his belief in the value of humility. He shared: “One characteristic of humble people stands out. They have a high level of self esteem. They know who they are and they feel good about who they are.  Humility is not defined by self-deprecating behavior or attitudes, yet by the esteem with which you regard others. Good behavior flows naturally from that kind of humility.”

Once again, we are reminded that it all begins within us as individuals. Through becoming more aware, comfortable, and aligned within ourselves, we are able to pass this on to others with whom we work and live. By knowing and loving ourselves, we are able to truly see, embrace, serve, and support others with humility.