The Success of Failure

Most of us hate making mistakes. However, let’s face it, it is unavoidable. There are no perfect people; and counter intuitively, the higher we climb in our professions, the greater the likelihood of stumping our toes. Frankly, if we aren’t hitting a few snags, then perhaps we are not stretching and reaching high enough. Two thoughts:

1. Let go of perfectionism. Trust me, this is a hard one for those of us who want ‘things to be as good as they can be’. However, it can be the ultimate paralyzer. If we can change the frame on this and take the perspective that we are constantly learning and growing – it can become our ‘fuel’ versus our brakes.

2. Failure leads to success. If we study any famous entrepreneur or business person, it is hard if not impossible to find even one that has not experienced at least one snag or, lest I use the word: failure. Sure, there are a few that have experienced success right out of the gate; yet most have had a few setbacks before they hit pay dirt.

The fact is talented people fail. Smart people fail. Successful people fail. Brave people fail. And as we have been taught, it is not all in the ‘winning.’ It is most certainly what we learn through these snags that best prepares us for our future and our imminent successes to come.