A Great Gift

Recently I had the privilege of leading a leadership development workshop for the United States Air Force. The workshop was held at Scott Air Force Base in St. Louis. It was simply a fabulous experience, by all counts. Regardless of your political stance (and for my many global readers, this goes for you, too!), we each have the opportunity to embrace and support our respective countries of origin. In my case, this is America.

Our country has faced many obstacles over the past two decades. Arguably, these challenges rival some of our most difficult times as a nation from the 1920-40’s through market crashes, depression, wars, atrocities against humanity by a ruthless maniacal leader, and ongoing recoveries of veterans, businesses, and entire economies. It sounds strangely familiar, doesn’t it?

What I want to share with you today is a moment which will stay with me for life. As I was waiting for my car service to pick me up to head to the airport, all of a sudden a strange bugle sound trumpeted throughout the entire base, which for those of you who have never been on a military base, is the size of a small town. Then, loud speakers from every corner of the base began to play The Star Spangled Banner. Everyone stopped, stood up, placed their hand over their hearts, faced the flag if one was within their field of vision or faced where the music was coming from. Cars stopped dead still on every street. EVERYTHING stopped to pay homage, respect, gratitude for our country and the freedoms we enjoy. It was heartwarming, inspiring, and put a certain lift in my step as I headed home. Certainly this was a moment I will honor and remember.

We are so very blessed and what a great gift freedom is. I wish each of you a very happy and Blessed  Labor Day Weekend.