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The Giant B12

Recently, my home state of Arkansas was hit by a very strong snow storm (12 inches in my hometown of Hot Springs). Many were without power for days. Travelers were stranded. These situations can bring out the best and the worst of humanity. Many good Samaritans emerged, and sadly many opportunities for kindness and generosity were missed. Does this reality present itself in our workplaces, too? Does it matter?

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Is there 1 Most Important Quality?

Recently I was having dinner with two very dear and special friends at my favorite Dallas neighborhood bistro, Parigi. As always, we launched into an open, authentic and passionate conversation. We were bantering about how strong personal and business relationships thrive and survive, in an increasingly turbulent, competitive and stressful world. We were wondering…is there 1 quality that makes the difference?

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Nice Trumps Smart

Have you ever been dressed down by someone seemingly smarter than you just so that person could make a point? Have you ever been called out – or even worse – dismissed because you were behind the learning curve on a particular issue? Have you ever been interrupted or talked over, implying that your opinion or perspective was not worthy of even being heard? I have; and it is the worst feeling in the world.

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